I started this blog in March 2021, with the intent of sharing thoughts, ideas, and essentially non-tech stuff (unlike my main blog here). I managed five blog posts and then stopped in early April. So if you were someone reading along and even perhaps enjoying my articles, I apologise for leaving you hanging! 😊

What happened?

I’m not sure really. I’ve always blogged consistently, more than perhaps I should. Sometimes I would post two, or three posts in a week, even doing 30-day challenges with a blog for each day of the month at times. I love to share content that will help others fix an issue, resolve a problem or take my content and come up with a whole new idea inspired by it. I like figuring things out and approaching a requirement from a different angle or seeing how far something can go with a product. I enjoy the challenge.

Around the same time that I stopped posting on this site, I also stopped creating videos and blogs from a tech perspective. This has happened before, anyone that does creating of any kind hits a wall, gets writer’s block, or just lacks inspiration or motivation of any kind. When it occurs, I’ve been able to pick back up again within a few weeks, no problem! And often I’ve had blogs ‘in the bank’ to carry me through those times so it hasn’t really ever mattered. There was never a dip or lull in my articles. These past few months it’s felt different though.

Having a different priority

My last post on here (How Did I Become An Active Person?) focused on a shift I had mentally and physically in the first half of 2021. Along with my family, I took on a challenge to walk 28 KM from Kendall to Ambleside in the Lake District in England. It ended up being about 31 in the end, which is just over 19 miles. It took us AGES to complete. I figured we would be done in about 6, maybe 7 hours but it ended up being about 9 in the end. My Dad is 74 and he was a big reason for us doing the walk as we were doing it to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society charity. The day was emotional, mainly for me, my brother, and my sister. Watching my Dad struggle was heartbreaking. Plus it was hill after hill after even bigger hill. It felt never-ending!

For that challenge, I had started preparing for it in January. I began doing long walks in the Peak District near where I live, and driving to other areas of the country to meet up with members of our family to do practice walks together. I did other challenges where I made sure I did at least 10,000 steps each day and tried to get into a much better shape so I could complete the walk in relative comfort.

Coming to the end of something

I felt a mental shift happen too. The more I got into walking, the more I fell in love with it. Being outdoors, spending time with someone for several hours, and having focused one on one time again with people. I felt stronger, fitter, healthier. I spent the free time I had going on a hike. Blog posts and videos were just not of interest to me.

We completed the challenge, raising over £5,500 between us (thank you to so many of you who donated ❀). It felt awful at the finish line (we were just done by the end!), but I was so proud of my own accomplishment and that we had all completed it together. Then, that was it.

It left me feeling a bit flat, and kind of without a real focus. I guess that’s true with many things in life. You put everything into one goal, focus – focus – focus, and then ideally you achieve that goal. Going to University to get a degree, preparing for a major presentation, or training for a marathon. I was glad of a few weeks’ rest afterward, but I didn’t have anything to focus on next. Although I have always loved my work, I had no desire to do anything extra. No presentations, no blogs, no videos, and no podcast either. Not that I was sad about that, I didn’t have motivation but neither was I looking for any motivation either.

Focusing on the new

It’s been over a month and a half since the challenge. I’ve had some new clients with projects where questions or requirements have come up that have sparked some passion to write some technical blogs again. I’ve enjoyed it, but I am also not worried or concerned if those ideas stop, or the passion wains. I feel healthier mentally, more so than a long time where I felt I needed to be doing so much for others. I feel OK with saying no to things, and just writing if I want to, and when I want to.

One thing I have felt missing though is a new personal focus, a new personal challenge. My brother made a rash decision and signed up for another challenge for the Alzheimer’s Society. This time taking on the biggest challenge they have which is 100 KM (over 60 MILES). However, this isn’t one where you get to break it down over a few days. It. Is. Continuous! So of course I agreed to join him in the madness πŸ˜‚

I have about a year to get ready for it, but we will be taking on the Peak District Challenge on 9th July 2022. It’s crazy, and I keep thinking I won’t be able to do it. However, it’s the challenge, and the focus on something incredible for a year that I am excited about. It’s a challenge unlike any other I have faced, and I know ultimately I will succeed because I will be prepared.

No pressure is good

So, I think I have finally found a place where I don’t feel any pressure to write. It was always self-imposed pressure, and I am no longer doing that. I don’t feel like I need to do presentations at events, but I might again in the future, only if I want to. I don’t feel like I need to keep churning out videos and trying to increase the number of subscribers. I don’t feel like I must have a blog on the latest features of a product. I will continue to just write what I want, and only when I want.

I believe doing the walking challenge earlier this year with my family helped massively with shifting the balance and reaffirming what is important in life. I won’t ever forget the emotions we felt, the talks we had, and the support we gave each other as we each struggled in different ways. I’m a happier healthier person because of it.

Anyone interested in donating can do so here: The Peak District Challenge – Walking to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society

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