Go ahead and start, do it, get on with it! That’s so much easier said than done right? Sometimes you have an amazing idea and are paralysed with fear. Or, the feeling of stress when you have so much to do and things piling up, that you end up doing nothing. That’s been me for quite some time.

I’ve had an idea, or rather a feeling, that I wanted to just start writing and putting out my thoughts without it needing to be on a specific topic or in a specific format. I’ve blogged and written content to help others learn how to use a certain feature or create processes or use tools to generate data for over a decade. Currently I write mostly about Microsoft related products, but have provided customers with topics on social media, search engine optimisation and a host of other subjects that I felt I KNEW STUFF ABOUT!

But sometimes I just want to write. I want to share things, or spark a conversation about X. I want to know if others feel the same way, and my experiences are common among friends (or even just some anonymous stranger reading my blog).

Creating Something New

It might be that this side of me is of zero interest to others, and that’s cool. It might be that it’s of MORE interest, and that’s cool too. I’ve kept this as a separate site to my main Microsoft related community content intentionally. If you want to know about D365 Marketing or Customer Voice, or want stuff on D365 Sales or Power Apps Portals, it’s all there. I will still be working on and publishing that kind of content.

This site, well, this will be different. This won’t have screenshots and information on how to understand a product, or how to achieve best practice within your organisation for a sales or marketing process. This will just be my thoughts, talking, chatting, sharing.

The Feeling Of New Beginnings

Do you ever come up with an idea, something you want to do, that you keep going back to again and again? You want to do X, but you aren’t sure it’s a good idea so you think about it some more. Then you wait, and it comes back into your mind? This happens over and over again until you know you won’t be happy until you do it? I’ve had this feeling so many times throughout various careers. I had it before I started with my own company, helping other small businesses with social media, websites and SEO. I had it before I took the leap and left working in hospitality for over a decade to go and work at a software company. I had it before I went out on my own in January 2020 as an independent consultant.

The most recent time was thinking about changing my approach to blogging, and creating a place where instead I can just write. This is that place, and I’ve been waiting for the right time to launch with it, but that time was probably weeks ago!

Let Me Know Your Thoughts

I could be opening myself up here for negativity, I get that. Writing about software is factual, here is how something is done, end of story. Sharing feelings, thoughts and opinions, that’s pushing me out of my own comfort zone. So let’s see how this one goes! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and if you want to see where this takes me, you can subscribe here to get new content emailed directly to your in-box.

Oh, and thanks for reading through to the end! 😊

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